Advantages of disc wind turbines

Time:2023-02-23   Visits:1156

1. The shell rolls, and the fan blades can be directly fixed on the motor shell, with a novel structure, beautiful appearance, and simplified structure.

2. The multi-pole permanent magnet generator increases the power generation frequency of the wind turbine at low speeds, solves the problem of unstable power generation voltage, increases the reverse power, and saves the cost of subsequent processing equipment.

3. The company has a wind turbine testing center produced by ABB, which can effectively ensure product quality.

4. The generator has undergone finite element optimization analysis and planning, with a reasonable structure and low starting torque, which has solved the difficulty of starting at low speeds and improved the utilization rate of wind energy.

5. The low-speed permanent magnet generator eliminates the need for an accelerator, improves the reliability of power generation equipment, increases power generation, and reduces maintenance workload.

6. No carbon brush, no excitation winding, no excitation control box, simple structure, no spark. High reliability, protection level: IP54, long service life.

7. Small size, light weight, high energy density, suitable for specific occasions.

8. The electric motor can work efficiently throughout the entire speed range, generating high power generation.