What are the advantages of wind turbines?

Time:2023-02-23   Visits:1134

A wind turbine is a device that converts wind energy into electrical energy, mainly composed of blades, generators, mechanical components, and electrical components. According to the different rotation axes, wind turbines are mainly divided into horizontal axis wind turbines and vertical axis wind turbines. At present, horizontal axis wind turbines dominate the market.

The advantages of wind power generation are as follows:

1. As one of the main forms of clean energy, wind power generation is of great significance;

2. The construction period of wind power plants is short, with only a few weeks for single unit installation. The construction period of a 50000 kilowatt capacity wind farm is about half a year to one year. The assembly mode of wind turbines is flexible, and new units can be installed with each increase in funds and indicators;

3. With the increasing application of wind turbines in modern technology, the reliability of wind turbines is also increasing. The service life of the unit can reach up to 20 years;

4. The operation and maintenance of wind turbines are simple, and their automation level is high. The actual land area of wind turbines is small, and wind power can form a complementary system with other forms of energy generation such as photovoltaic and hydropower, or can be operated separately. The decentralized layout is very advantageous.