What technologies can change the power of wind turbines

Time:2023-02-23   Visits:1142

With the increasingly fierce contradiction between power utilization and environmental protection, developing new power has become our way out, and wind energy, as a natural resource, has the advantages of regeneration and green environmental protection. Therefore, countries have increased their use of this aspect. Wind turbines emerged in this environment, and as one of the key skills of the equipment, how is power regulation achieved?

From the perspective of wind turbines currently in use, there are two primary methods for power regulation: one is the constant pitch stall control skill, and the other is the variable pitch control skill. In the former case, the blades in the generator are fixed on the wind turbine, so its angle cannot be changed, and its output power changes with the change of wind speed.

In order to further improve the wind energy conversion efficiency of wind turbines and the stability of wind turbine output power, pitch adjustment can be selected. In this case, the blades of the equipment can roll around their own axis.

Compared to others, wind turbines with fixed pitch stall control have a simple structure, high safety system, and simple cost. However, as the aerodynamic thrust increases, the control of the stall dynamic characteristics of the blades will become increasingly difficult. The variable pitch wind turbine can satisfy the operation of various working conditions, which greatly promotes the improvement of equipment stress state and the increase of power generation. However, the drawback is that the structure is relatively complex.