Design methods and characteristics of small wind turbines

Time:2023-02-23   Visits:1139

The blade design of small wind turbines is based on the horizontal axis design method and blade element theory. Due to the more complex flow of the vertical axis wind turbine compared to the horizontal axis, it is a typical large separation unsteady flow.

The momentum leaf element theory is widely applied in small wind turbines. Due to the neglect of flow interference between leaf elements in leaf element theory and the neglect of airfoil resistance in leaf element theory design, this simplification inevitably leads to inaccurate results. This simplification has little impact on the appearance design of the blades, but has a significant impact on the wind energy utilization efficiency of the wind turbine. The interference between the blades of the wind turbine is also strong, and the entire flow is very complex. It is impossible to obtain accurate results solely based on leaf element theory.

Design characteristics of small wind turbine products:

1. Low starting wind speed and high utilization rate of wind energy; Small size, beautiful appearance, and low operating vibration.

2. The installation adopts a humanized design, which is convenient for equipment installation, maintenance, and upkeep.

3. The wind turbine blades are made of aluminum alloy, with optimized aerodynamic appearance and structural design, high wind energy utilization coefficient, and increased annual power generation.