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Super intelligent wind solar complementary controller

The company's products are sold to 63 countries and regions including Europe, America, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Canada, Norway, Australia, etc., and are deeply loved and praised by users. Our company's products have passed certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, and EU CE. Each model developed by the company has a complete independent power supply system that can operate safely in various harsh weather environments without the need for special maintenance.

The company's products are widely used in landscape complementary street lights, yacht power supply systems, suburban villas, farms, schools, portable mobile tents and communication stations, etc., and are highly praised by customers at home and abroad. It is an ideal power supply system for scattered households, outposts, Meteorological Observatory, communication base stations, roads, monitoring, scenic spots, etc. It not only makes full use of natural resources, but also adds luster to the natural landscape.


1 . Product Overview

1-1 Basic Product Information

The super intelligent (economical) wind solar complementary controller is a high-performance control device simplified by our company on the basis of the super intelligent (advanced) controller. It inherits most practical functions (such as speed control, overcurrent, overvoltage limit protection, etc.) and compresses scalability, resulting in extremely high cost-effectiveness. Suitable for large-scale low-cost use.

1-2 Performance characteristics

V Waterproof

The circuit board is treated with three protections and comes with a waterproof cover, which will not damage the equipment even if there is a small amount of water ingress.

TTL232 communication

Standard micro port TTL232 communication, convenient for monitoring in conjunction with computer software. (RS485, short range wireless optional), using USB to RS232 components, more convenient for data communication with computers (computers with USB interfaces can be used).

The reverse connection of the V photovoltaic panel will automatically give an alarm prompt

The continuous reverse connection of the input end of the photovoltaic panel will not be damaged, and can work normally after correction.

V Fan Input MPPT Power Generation Technology (Booster Type)

The controller can provide automatic maximum power tracking mode for fan input, or a 5-segment matching curve input configuration mode (input speed vs. input current; or input voltage vs. input current curve), which can maximize the low wind speed and efficient power generation of the fan.

V supports multiple output mode choices

The controller provides multiple output modes to choose from (light control, time control, morning light, reverse), making it suitable for various applications.

V can collect data such as cumulative power generation, remaining electricity, speed, current, temperature, etc

The controller screen displays not only the current, voltage, and power of conventional fans, photovoltaics, batteries, and output terminals, but also the cumulative power generation of fans and photovoltaics, as well as the remaining battery capacity and fan speed.


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