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Waterproof fan single charge controller

The company's products are sold to 63 countries and regions including Europe, America, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Canada, Norway, Australia, etc., and are deeply loved and praised by users. Our company's products have passed certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, and EU CE. Each model developed by the company has a complete independent power supply system that can operate safely in various harsh weather environments without the need for special maintenance.

The company's products are widely used in landscape complementary street lights, yacht power supply systems, suburban villas, farms, schools, portable mobile tents and communication stations, etc., and are highly praised by customers at home and abroad. It is an ideal power supply system for scattered households, outposts, Meteorological Observatory, communication base stations, roads, monitoring, scenic spots, etc. It not only makes full use of natural resources, but also adds luster to the natural landscape.


1、 Main features

L adopts an aluminum shaped heat dissipation shell, with excellent heat dissipation characteristics and IP67 protection level.

Equipped with overcharge protection and electronic short circuit protection.

The built-in temperature switch enables the controller to have over temperature protection function.

Various status indicators facilitate understanding of the current working status of the system.

The wind turbine has a boost charging function and a breeze charging function.

2、 Wiring


Please wire in the following order, paying attention to the positive and negative poles

1. Connect the battery and the controller automatically recognizes the system voltage (the controller can operate at 12VDC, 24VDC, and 48VDC system voltages). The fourth red wire from left to right is connected to the positive pole of the battery, and the fifth black wire is connected to the negative pole of the battery

2. Connect the wind turbine. Three green lines on the left are connected to the fan generator


3、 Parameter Description

Note: If used for lithium batteries, please contact the manufacturer first to modify the lithium battery parameters

Temperature protection function: Temperature protection is used to detect the temperature of controller components. When the temperature of the components is too high, the fan begins to unload to prevent the controller from overheating and damaging the hardware

System voltage


Static power


Fan maximum input power

12V 300W,24V 600W,48V 800W

Fan boost starting voltage


Working temperature

-35℃ ~ 70℃

Battery overcharge protection voltage


Exit overcharge protection voltage


Shell material

Aluminum profile

Degree of protection


Applicable battery

Lead Acid/Colloid

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