Why are most wind turbines white?

Time:2023-02-23   Visits:1146

Why are most wind turbines white? The concept of new energy has deeply rooted in people's hearts, and the world is developing clean new energy. At present, electric energy is widely used, but there are various ways to generate electricity, such as wind power, hydropower, and so on. Many people have seen wind turbines, whether we have seen them with our own eyes or online, they are mainly white. Why?

1. More secure

Generally speaking, except for snow, there is rarely white ground in nature. Painting the generator white can make it easier for aerial workers to distinguish. You know, wind turbines are very, very tall, with a tower height of 60m and a wind turbine diameter of 77m. If the pilot cannot detect the wind turbine in a timely manner, there is a possibility of danger.

The white main body is relatively easy to distinguish, and if you want it to be easier to distinguish, you can also paint the tip of the leaf in red, which is the logo strip. This is both aesthetically pleasing and greatly improves resolution.

2. Low cost

The cost here is divided into two parts: one is to extend the service life of the machine itself and indirectly reduce costs; The second is to reduce manual maintenance costs.

The wind turbine station is located in a wide area with strong winds, and there is wind and sun exposure every day. Excessive ambient temperature can increase the body temperature and affect internal components. White will reflect all colored light, reducing the range of temperature rise and change in the body, effectively protecting internal components. Meanwhile, the white color is less affected by ultraviolet radiation and can greatly avoid machine aging.

Another is the cost of manual maintenance, which is white and dirty, allowing operators and maintenance personnel to quickly detect oil or damage, clean and maintain in a timely manner. In addition, white paint can also reduce manufacturing and maintenance costs.

Now, do you know why wind turbines are painted white?